zondag 29 maart 2009

Things I heart.

Just a few lovely links on this lazy Sunday afternoon.
1.I absolute 'live lovelovelovelove laugh'
this necklace.
2.You see more and more of these staged dance scenes, I know, but they just put a smile on my face. This one, was shot on a Monday morning in Antwerp Central station.
3.Why don't I live by the sea? In this house?
4.If you like fabrics, you will LOVE this store. I know I do.
5.The recipe for these yummy muffins comes from here. I can also strongly recommend the 'fudges-carrés with peanuts'. And the 'Trifle with bananas and fudge'. And maybe also the 'Chocolate-Charlotte from Lili'. Oh, what the hell! Just try everything in the book! It's all good!

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