zondag 12 juli 2009

Chocolate cake.

Today I made a chocolate cake. More precisely, the 'Nie Cake'.
It's a recipe from 'Conversations With A Cupcake'. It's such a delightful and mouthwatering blog, everything looks extremely yummy. And knowing that the lady from Conversations, comes up with each and every recipe herself, makes it all the more impressive.

Now I've made it myself, I can safely say that it really tastes as good as it looks. Especially the creamy Mascarpone mousse in between is divine!

The only problem I had was making the mud cake. Apparently this is something for Americans only, we Europeans are not able to make such a moist and rich cake. Or something went wrong during the convertion from cups to grams.
So if anyone has a brilliant recipe for mud cake in grams and liters, instead of ounces and cups; please let me know!

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