donderdag 20 augustus 2009


Yesterday I wrote about how impulsive I bought my sewing machine, so I thought I would show you some pictures of the beauty. It's a Pfaff, select 3.0 and I love it for 2 reasons:
1. It's simple. It's got no electronics or big displays. No, just a few buttons and a clean look.
2. It's got IDT™. Which stands for 'integrated dual feed' and so the fabric gets transported not only from below, but also from the top, so you can sew many different layers very easily.
3. And I just thought of a third reason: it's pink!

The picture below should have been in my previous post (a view from the back), but something went wrong during the upload, so I'm showing it now. And to answer Erica's question: I didn't use a pattern. Most of the times I'm to impatient to make a pattern first. That creates of course many problems, but the main problem with it is that I can't make a second one. So I'm learning from my mistakes and last time I made a bag, I was a very good girl and first made I little pattern.

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  1. I made that mistake (not making a pattern or recording dimensions) with the pseudo-messenger bag that I made, so now each one I make is a one of a kind!
    The back of the bag is great, I usually attach messenger flaps in between the lining and the outer body but I like the way your flap looks attached to the outer back. I'll have to give that a try...Thanks for the inspiration!