zondag 4 oktober 2009

A fine day.

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was a good day. My mother helped me cook diner, starting with pumpkin soup with coconut milk and fresh ginger and ending with dark and white chocolate mousse, raspberry coulis, whipped cream and some very fine biscuits. Everything homemade. And to top it of, my best friend Delfien made a delicious cake with freshly plucked raspberries. After that sugar rush it was time for some gifts, including this perfume and Ikea fabrics, watching lots of hilarious X-factor auditions on YouTube and ending a great day in a weird bar, but having lots of fun.

So thank you Delfien, for the great, quite 'marginale' night and also for the beautiful Babushka card you made me!

The rest of the day I will be finishing of my bag for 'The great big bag-a-holic autumn swap', so I can post it tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!

1 opmerking:

  1. Hihi, ik vond het ook geweldig en lekker marginaal!!! ik heb je al gezegd dat ik je blog super vind maar hierbij dan nog maar eens...

    veel groetjes DeLfIENE

    ps: hoera de esso-man is er met onze mazout...shit hij rijdt voorbij...ik zal moeten gaan zwaaien,
    (hij is er)