donderdag 5 november 2009

A Spoonful of sugar.

Once in a while it's time to tidy everything up in my sewing room:

the spools,


pins & needles,

magazines & patterns,
and other bits and bobs.

And then there's this:
Small pieces of leftover fabric and no place to put them.
But I think I've got an idea...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. thanks for coming by and for the well wishes...i am actually dying to know how you burned your belly!!! i should take some time to tidy my sewing looks great. what are you gonna do with those scraps?

  2. Leslie, I'm using the scraps to make different quilt blocks. I'm not using a pattern or so, I just make random combinations.
    As for the iron story, I was ironing something along the edge of the iron board, but I was standing a bit to close and my shirt was a bit short and so now I've got a scar reminding me of my clumsiness! I really shouldn't be aloud to work with hot dangerous objects...

  3. je spoeltjes heb je mooi opgelost! heb gisteren een lelijke plastieken doos gekocht ervoor, en ze passen er niet eens allemaal in. Voorheen had ik een plank met nagels... en die stond de hele tijd in de weg, en nu die doos dus, he, die in de weg staan :-s