zaterdag 26 december 2009


Liv's mummy gave me a 'Stokje': show us your Christmas tree.
But because we've got an ugly fake tree (really not worth looking at), I thought I'd show some pictures of a manger. About 20 years ago my uncle & aunt put a manger in their front yard at Christmastime. Several others followed their example (including my dad) and now there are over 40 Nativity scenes in our little town. A few years ago I painted a new Mother Mary and Joseph to go in the Nativity, including 2 sheep and an Angel.
And since it's the last time my dad will place the manger in his front yard, I thought I'd show it on my blog.

So sorry that there isn't a Christmas tree to admire. (just imagine a fake plastic tree...boring!)
I hope Naadjes en Draadjes has a more beautiful Christmas tree to show us, so hereby I give 'het stokje' to Hanne!

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