zaterdag 30 januari 2010

To do:

I'm currently working on a number of different things.
On the list are:
-oven mitts
-3 flags
-an apron
-a bag
None of them are finished and also some of them have to remain a surprise for the recipient.
Therefore the only thing to show here for the moment are my brand new scissors.
After many blunt pairs, these are a pleasure to cut with.

Thank you, D & I for the scissor-gift certificate! It was a great present!

vrijdag 29 januari 2010


I love getting mail!
And by mail I don't mean e-mail, although that can be nice as well sometimes. (like today: hi Katrien!) But I mean real paper in an actual envelope with a stamp-mail, like this one:
Today in the mailbox: An invitation for the second birthday party of my handsome godson Jules! Cake, gifts, pancakes and a dozen of people looking only your way.
What more can a two-year old want?

P.S. The fabulous card is designed by Jules' mother, a graphic designer & illustrator. I think it's really cool. Peace!

maandag 25 januari 2010


Finds of the weekend:

A denim skirt: € 0,80.

A pink corduroy skirt: € 2,00

Pink woven fabric: € 0,75
Light grey, very soft cotton: € 1,50

I think I did pretty well!

zaterdag 23 januari 2010

Bag X.

I've been thinking of making a tutorial of this bag.
The pattern is drawn and there's fabric waiting for a test version.
The only thing missing is a name for the bag.
Ideas anyone?

zaterdag 16 januari 2010

maandag 11 januari 2010

This is...

how it looked yesterday...
... and this is how it looks today!
It's made out of a sturdy jeans fabric, turned inside out and the lining is good old Ikea fabric.
It has 2 pockets on the outside and one with a zipper on the inside.
I think I've got myself a new favorite bag! (for now)

zondag 10 januari 2010

And the winner...

...of my little giveaway is the very talented Polkadotjes!
So if you can please let me know which one you want and also e-mail me your address, I will send it to you as soon as possible!

In the meanwhile I'm going to work further on the bag I'm making. I started it yesterday and I really hope to finish it today. Then it will be a real WEEKEND bag!

woensdag 6 januari 2010

The bigger Picture.

Here are some more photographs of the quilt I finished on New Years Eve. I made it for my Godmother and she seemed very pleased with it. I kept it simple: cotton for the front and a dark grey polar fleece for the back. The binding is made from a piece of red and white gingham.

zaterdag 2 januari 2010


On Tuesday I visited my friend Delfien and she had made great t-shirts for her son, using T-shirt transfer paper from here. Of course, I was immediately fascinated by her gorgeous creations and wanted to try it for myself. After numerous attempts, I ended up with these ones:
# 1.

# 2.

And since this is my 100th Blog post, I thought I turn it into a little giveaway. To enter, just answer the following question in the comment section:
What is your favorite movie?
The winner will receive one of shirts shown above. I will draw a winner next weekend.

Happy New Year & Good luck!