dinsdag 4 mei 2010

And the award goes to....

...me! (Woohoo!)
Today I received my very first award, from the groovy Miss Modaal.
I'm not really sure what the award stands for; 'Best actrice in a leading role' or maybe 'Best Visual Effects'...
I've got no clue, but I assume it's a positive thing & therefore I'm very grateful!

Apparently you can keep the award just for a short period of time, cause I already have to pass it on to other bloggers.
It was beautiful while it lasted though.

So now I would love to give the Sunshine Award to:

*Kathleen from Verbeelding; just recently discovered her blog, but already a daily read.
*Celestine from Being my own hero; who says girls can't be funny?
*TineMie; a newcomer in the blogworld, but it looks very promising.

And not to forget, The Rules that come with this Award:
1°Post the logo on your blog.
2°Link back to the one you got the award from.
3°Give the award to as many bloggers you want.
4°Make a link to the Award-receivers
5°Let them know about it, by posting a comment on their blog.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Het is een award voor wie je veel inspiratie geeft, geloof ik, maar helemaal zeker weet ik het ook allemaal niet :).
    Hij is in elk geval superpositief bedoeld!
    En je kan misschien een kopie houden, zodat je hem niet meteen kwijt bent ;).

  2. Bedankt! Ik zet hem zo snel mogelijk op mijn blogje.