zondag 12 september 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

Today I have been trying to make a new bag (what else?) from a ridiculously cheap piece of Ikea fabric, but it's not going as planned.  I'm way to lazy today and so instead of some bag-pictures, some lovely links.

* a great Etsy shop
* the sweetest video ever
*looking for a new pair of boots
*Gorgeous, but I wouldn't be brave enough to pull it of. (or wealthy enough for that matter)
*Who is the cutest?
*Someone once told me 'Order leads to God', well if that's true, this girl & God must be best pals.

vrijdag 10 september 2010


Now that Summer is almost over and I'm impatiently waiting for Autumn, life is getting back to it's normal rhythm.
I started school again and this is the chair I will be tackling this year.
I made a my own version of a pencil roll to keep my tools safe and organised.
While shopping for school supplies I couldn't resist buying these great rulers.  A beech ruler of 1 meter and a matching triangle.
 And last but not least I've gotten these seashells chocolates from the women I made this bag  for.  Her husband made them himself and they are delicious!

vrijdag 3 september 2010

The chronicles of Delfien & Josefien.

Another Delfien & Josefien story on this chilly friday evening.  This tale was completely
written and drawn  by Delfien. Enjoy!