vrijdag 5 november 2010


A few weeks back I received some great stuff from my employer. She and her siblings are clearing out the house of her deceased parents and she thought I might be interested in a couple of things. So I got:

a box with lovely ribbons.

 A miniature box that says "Barbie's Jewelry", but actually has got some tailors chalk in it.

A needlepoint booklet.

 A vintage crafting magazine,

which is surprisingly up to date.

And I also know now the winning lottery numbers of  July 13 1994.

There's is still more cool stuff to come, but that's for another time. 
Have a great weekend!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Zolders en huizen van oude mensen verbergen echte schatten.
    Mooi wat je allemaal gekregen hebt. En wel fijn dat ze aan je dacht.

  2. Wat fijn! Leuk hé, zo'n schatten op zolder!

  3. Toch leuk dat men aan jou denkt bij het vinden van die schatten!

  4. Wow, zo'n fijne spullen. En die kreeg jij!