vrijdag 14 januari 2011

The Bible.

A while back I bought Vogue magazine for the very first time. It was because I couldn't decide on which magazine to choose and also because the lovely Carey Mulligan (did you see 'An eduction'? Great film by the way) was on the cover, so I caved an bought what is known in fashion as 'The Bible'.

 As in almost every magazine the first few pages were filled with some ads.

 14 pages to be exact.

No wait, 28 pages.

No-oh, let me correct that, 44 pages.
 Now we can start to read!

Or not quite  yet, it's just the table of contents, people!
Which at this point is hard to believe: the fact that there will be actual content to this magazine.

 But we're not giving up just yet, we're now at advertising page 56 & still going strong.

At this point, they even promise there will be more content to the magazine. 

Be patient, we're almost there.

 Ah! We've made it! 
We've turned 84(!) pages to finally find an article.

Hallelujah & Praise the Lord!
For I was blind and now I see,
I will never buy Vogue again.


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Moh!
    Een gewone roman kopen he, daar staat nog altijd t meest in ;).

  2. Of gaan lezen in de bib. En stof kopen met het geld dat je uitspaart!

  3. Hehe, de eerste keer dat ik Vogue kocht heb ik dat ook gedaan, maar dan gewoon alle advertenties geteld, 't is bedroevend hoe weinig artikels er in staan (en wat voor artikels dan nog soms :s)en hoeveel reclame. Nog erger vind ik dat die boekjes nog duur zijn ook, ondanks al die reclame (waarvoor dient die dan wel?). Al moet ik bekennen dat ik hem soms nog eens koop, sommige van hun photoshoots zijn zo mooi...

    Niet meer kopen en in stofjes investeren lijkt mij inderdaad ook een beter idee :D

  4. i always think that when i browse through VOGUE. it's terribly tainted with too many ads to enjoy. i agree.. what we go through for a great interview!! glad to hear that movie was a good one, i'll have to check it out.

    so nice to find your blog. it's lovely.