maandag 28 februari 2011


 The project I started on yesterday is already finished. Mainly because is was very easy.

Let me explain:
When I went to school here, I had the opportunity to buy  a box with lovely little pieces of wood.

It's from the Belgian Woodforum and it contained all different kinds of  wood, European, American & Exotic kinds. This box had been tucked away underneath my bed for the last 3 years, so now I thought it was time to do something useful with it.  

It was very easy and quick to make. All I needed was a piece of plywood, some slats, nails, glue and paint.
After a visit to one of my favorite stores and with this image in mind, it was time to get started.

Glue all the pieces with the always reliable Tec 7 and that's it.

FYI: I don't own a hardwood floor shop, i'm just weird.

zaterdag 26 februari 2011


I started a new project.

I worked for school.

I bought a new mascara after 2,5 years.
(A cheap one, because I really can't be bothered)

I ate.

I listened,

and  waited for Spring.

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

donderdag 17 februari 2011

More Cake.

 On sunday we celebrated birthday number 2: also my nieces turned 3 years old and also for them I made a cake.

They requested Snowwhite:

We had a lovely afternoon.

There were: zoo animals,

funky 3-year olds,

funky dogs & funky shoes,
a professional photographer,

new bikes,

and more cake.

woensdag 16 februari 2011

They've made it!

Birthday cake I've made for my godson's 3rd birthday.

donderdag 10 februari 2011